Have you ever taken a yoga class and heard about chakras, auras, or something called “energy healing”, but you didn’t understand what they were talking about?  

Energy healing isn’t some hippy trippy nonsense, it’s based on science, using different modalities, and it’s accessible to everyone.  Energy healing is a practice that we can use to create more abundance; it can truly transform lives.

Let’s start with understanding energy and how it affects our life:

When we look at the world from a scientific perspective, everything around us is composed of energy.  A pebble on a beach, the water in the ocean, the sun in the sky are all made up of energy that is organized in a particular way.

Think back to your fun days in elementary school when you watched water turn into ice, then back into water, then evaporate into the atmosphere.  This is an example of how rearranging energy can have dramatic effects.

Now let’s look in the mirror. Yes, we all have physical bodies that can be seen and felt. But we also have energetic bodies that permeate and extend beyond the physical one.

And just as the physical body has elements such as bones, tissue and organs that provide different functions, the energetic body is composed of bodies, fields and pathways that provide different functions and operate on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

The energetic pathways flow between our own systems and connect us to other people, places and things in the world.   

Even our physical body is composed of energy: Look at your hand. You probably think you really know your hand. But how often do you look at your hand and recognize that it’s composed of vibrating particles of energy that are changing all the time?

Another way to look at energy is to think of it in terms of “vibes.” We all know someone who has “good vibes,” right? You feel good after interacting with this person because of how their energetic field was interacting with your own.

Now think about how a dark, dreary alleyway can have “bad vibes.” Or when you sit on a beach at sunset and feel lighter and calmer. These experiences can help you get a sense of your energy.

OK, now you get a sense for what energy is, let’s talk about energy healing:

Like our physical body, the better our energetic body is operating, the better we feel.  The better we feel, the more abundant and the more positive life becomes.

Just like your physical body, you can heal and strengthen your energetic body. And when you do this - you will be able to support having a bigger life.

You can think about your energetic body as the container for your life.  

Many people are operating with containers that are insufficient to handle it all.

It might be too small, have cracks, or overflowing with old gunk.

The bigger and stronger you container, the more you can hold and have and the more you’ll be able to give.

The more we give, the more that comes back to us.

The good news is, you don’t really need to understand energy healing in order to benefit from it. Just like you don’t need to understand how the systems of your cell phone work to make a phone call.

You don’t need to completely grasp the concept of energy healing before you give it a try. All that is required is a curious mind and an openness to observing and learning about the process.

P.S. Keep an eye out for more from me on energy healing next week!


Laurie-Anne King