Why Use Your Sexual Energy For Manifesting?

Do you know how to use the most powerful source of manifesting energy?  What’s the most powerful source of manifesting energy you ask?…

It’s sexual energy! And you can use it to manifesting anything you want.  But first, let’s just clarify… what is sexual energy?

Sexual energy is Life force energy.

Using your sexual energy doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being sexual or with being sexually active. It is about allowing that source of energy to fuel us, inspire us and to use it intentionally.  

It is about allowing this energy to flow in a natural and healthy way within our own bodies.

We have the power to transmute our sexual energy into the things we want and the life we desire because sexual Energy is the Energy of human creation and manifesting IS just a form of creation.

So here are three reasons why you should use your sexual energy for manifesting:

  1. Sexual Energy has a very high vibration

If you know anything about the law of attraction, you probably know that like energy attracts like energy. And the higher the vibration of an energy or emotion, the more magnetic power it has. Sexual energy, and in particular orgasmic energy has an incredibly high vibrational energy.

Just think about how much of our culture is about chasing this energy… the entire advertising industry is practically built on the pursuit of this energy.

If there is something you want to attract into your life, wouldn’t you want to use the most powerful energy you could to attract it?

  1. You will start to clear blocks

When you start to cultivate your sexual energy intentionally, you may bump into some blocks along the way. These sexual blocks, are the same blocks that are stopping you from manifesting what you want.

In energy work, the second chakra is the energy center for sexuality, creativity, play, and manifesting.  

When we carry sexual shame (which many women are, just from growing up as a woman in a patriarchal culture) we are also blocked by our ability to create.

Shame is a blocking energy which impacts our ability to manifest, because if we don’t believe we are worthy… neither does the universe.

The universe is responding to us. Getting in touch with your sexual energy will help you to identify and clear any negative blocks you have about your worthiness.

When we clear any feelings of unworthiness, when we become more playful and creative, when we access the power of our sexual energy and direct this energy toward what we want, we can swim around in the magical manifestation of our desires.

  1. Sexual energy is very energy-rich

From an energetic perspective, if you want more to come into your life, you need more energy to support it. That means, that to manifest we need to be living in what is called an energy-rich state.

In an energy-rich state, we have more than enough energy to support our current life.

Most people don’t spend enough time in energy-rich states. Our society is addicted to energy neutral.

In energy neutral, you have just enough energy for what is currently going on in your life. It’s the energy of “don’t rock the boat”.

But you can’t really manifest from energy neutral, there is no free energy available to support anything new.

So starting to cultivate and build your sexual energy is an accessible way to generate enough energy in your life to support new manifestations.

Have you ever noticed the energy of one person who has a really healthy and exciting sex life and compared that to the energy of someone who hasn’t been in touch with their sexual self for years? You can literally feel the difference in the level of vitality, vibrance and magnetism.

So get ready to turn on your sexual energy and dial up your manifesting power to create the life that you dream of…


Laurie-Anne King