My top selling program:

Live a Life Designed by Your Desires

The Orgasmic Manifesting™ System is an 8-weeks online course that will teach you a step-by-step process to manifest anything you desire - wealth, health, love, your dream home or even just peace of mind.

Your sexual energy is your manifesting energy. Learn how to utilize your hidden superpower to attract what you most desire. 

. This is not your typical "course". This is a proven healing and training program where you follow steps to consistently build your manifesting power and clear blocks over the next 8 weeks. Join live healings and Q&A calls every other week.

The Abundant Life

Energy Healing Membership

Your energy plays a vital role in your ability to manifest. The Abundant Life is an annual membership to support you to clear blocks, heal past trauma and tune into the frequency of abundance.  

Manifesting Power Goals

Set Manifesting Goals that Actually Come True!

Do you want to know how to set a manifesting goal that ACTUALLY comes true? Imagine being able to set a goal and just know that it is going to come true… Knowing that it isn't a question of IF it will come true, just a matter of WHEN.

Imagine having no fear or resistance about your goal coming true (fear of success anyone?) And… that goal comes true without you hustling yourself into a state of burnout… it comes true with ease because you know how to set Manifesting Power Goals!

Daily Manifesting Rituals

Raise Your Vibration & Manifest

Learn powerful daily practices that raise your vibration and improve your ability to manifest using all 6 of the Modes of Manifesting.

Easily set intentions for everything you do so that you are constantly telling the universe what it is that you DO want and stop manifesting things you don't want.

Learn my signature process for aligning your energy to your desires so that you can manifest with ease 

6 Video Trainings with extensive worksheets & powerful exercises.

Deep Desire

How to know, ask for, and receive what you want

One of the most important relationship skills for women is how to ask for what you want. So many issues arise in relationships from expecting your partner to be able to read your mind. 

This course is over 3 hours of in depth training on how to get in touch with your desires and proactively ask for what you want in a way that inspires men to deliver.   

You’ll learn a step by step approach for how to actually word your requests and learn new strategies for increasing your capacity to receive from your partner in relationship.

Claim Your Queendom

Become the Queen of your Life & Relationship

Embody your Queen energy and improve your love life. 

Whether you are looking for your life partner, or already in a relationship - you’ll take your love life to the next level as you learn how to turn men into Kings. 

This course is a combination of self reflection and practical tools. 

You’ll learn practical strategies that you can apply to improve your interactions with men right away as well as identify your own hidden blocks and limiting beliefs when it comes to love.