“Laurie-Anne is incredible. So brave, so honest, and authentically sharing work that I thought was way beyond my comfort zone. She makes this hugely powerful work accessible to so many women; it is wonderful.

She’s changing the world and taking us with her. Wonderful work and a wonderful woman.
- Sarah, United Kingdom 


“I am a businesswoman, so it is easy for me to put work in front of everything else. With Laurie-Anne, I am learning to put myself first, finally!

I am doing private coaching with her and each appointment is a quantic leap! So happy to have met this wonderful woman!!! Where were you Laurie-Anne all these years in my life? I wish I had met you long ago!!! My life is just GREAT now!!! THANK YOU!!!"
- Andreia, Portugal


“Orgasmic Manifesting changed my life. Working through this program got me unstuck! I began this training feeling sexually traumatized and energetically blocked. VERY soon after starting the practices - I not only cleared energetic blocks so I felt more aligned, in tune, and in my power; I became unstoppable in my business, had a greater impact on my students and clients, and drastically up leveled my intimate relationship and INCOME.

Laurie-Anne is a game changer. Since taking this program I feel more aligned with my life purpose than ever before. I’m actively manifesting opportunities to shine bright, have an impact, and I’m designing the life I’ve always dreamed."
Annalise, North Carolina, USA


“After making the decision in 2017 that NOTHING was going to stand in between my Big Life and me, I discovered Laurie-Anne and her program, O Manifesting.

Laurie-Anne exudes that rarefied frequency that drew me to her immediately. Through her program, I have an abundance of support to inspire me to continue reaching deeper & deeper into myself where all the magic lives."
- Iris, Canada

I knew as soon as I found this program that it was something special. It was just so different from anything else I’d tried. Immediately after I started the class I wasfilled with a giddy, sexy, playful self-confidence that stayed with me everywhere I went, whatever I went thru! Since starting the class 6 months ago I have manifested more love, money, opportunities and overall synchronicities that just made me feel AMAZING! I have reclaimed my sexuality and power as a woman. I know that I truly am capable of anything I desire to do, be or have in this life. So awesome!!!
- Ella, USA 


“I highly recommend Laurie Anne’s retreat Abundance Now, any course actually, any program that she offers. She is high class, phenomenal, professional. She walks the talk. And she offers high-quality programs that make a difference. If you are a coach or a caregiver or healing industry, it will help you to get yourself to the next level. That’s what it did for me. It helped me up my game."
- Vireo, Canada


“I love the way Laurie-Anne organizes and explains how to use our own womanly intuition and energy to manifest our desires. I have been in this course for 3 weeks and have already doubled my income in my business.

I didn’t realize it was beginning with me and the energy I put out. Her course also showed me that I actually had a hard time allowing the process of receiving, and doing way too much efforting. Once I pinpointed where it came from in my past, I was able to release it. It was then that I felt refreshed renewed and a joy like I have never felt before.

I have always read other people’s testimonies throughout my entire life with skepticism, and here I am writing about my experience and I am not even halfway done with the course yet…"
- Melanie, USA