Do you want a relationship that gets better and better over time? Welcome to Love Smarter! The show for women who want extraordinary love and aren’t afraid to learn for it.

Whether you are single, dating, in a relationship or married, you’ll benefit from the lessons taught on Love Smarter. We cover topics like communication, sex, personal development, and true femininity. Each 10 minute episode brings you a lesson that you can immediately apply to improve your romantic life.

  • How do you keep a relationship passionate?
  • How do you know if he is the one?
  • How do you create your dream marriage?
  • Why do men do the things they do?
  • How can you be more confident and attractive?

We cover all of this and much, much more. 

Hosted by International Public Speaker and Relationship Coach, Laurie-Anne King. Laurie-Anne leads group and private coaching programs as well as corporate trainings. She has led trainings on male / female communication and gender dynamics for top organizations and institutions including Google and Harvard. 

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