Do you want to manifest the job, relationship and house of your dreams, but you just don’t have the time to make a vision board and say affirmations from dawn to dusk?

As humans we’re actually programmed to try the easiest way to get what we want… does that make us lazy? Nah!  It makes us efficient 😉   

If you consider yourself a lazy (ahem, efficient) person, you’ll be happy to know that I kindly made this blog post super short and simple for you!

Practice  these 3 easy tips every day to manifest what you want:

1) Focus more on what you want than what you don’t want

This alone will change your life.  This simply means that as soon as you notice yourself complaining, getting upset, or frustrated you catch yourself and recognize you’re thinking about what you don’t want.

Don’t beat up on yourself for it, just observe and be grateful for the contrast.  And then, ask yourself, “okay what do I want? And what can I do to get it?".  

As you practice  this consistently, watch how your life changes and the things you want appear like magic.

2) Feel the way you’ll feel when you have what you want

It’s not really about the stuff you’re trying to manifest. It’s about how you think you will feel when you have the stuff. Don’t wait - feel that way right now! Feeling it will actually help attract it.

For example: If you want a new job because you think that the new job will make you feel more satisfaction, joy, freedom, contentment, inspiration, try feeling satisfied, joyous, free, content and inspired right now!  

What could you do to feel that way leading up to getting the job?  Exercise, meditate, do work you love in your spare time, find the things you love about your current job and focus on those.  

Yes, you can choose to feel good in your current situation.

Have you ever experienced hating everything about a job, but in the last week before you leave you feel all sentimental and realize you’re going to miss it?  

Well, get into the vibration of those feelings before you have the new job lined up, think about all the things you’re grateful for in your current job and that you’ll miss once you leave and watch how much faster you attract the job.  And the best part is, you’ll feel so much better along the way!

3) Chat with the universe

Talk to the universe like one of your friends! You can be like… “Ok dude, what I would love is a parking spot right up front!”  

And don’t forget to thank the universe… “Yo, thanks, that was awesome, you’re the best!” You can even high five yourself! 😉

Allow your own style to come out and have fun with it like you’re hanging out with a friend.  Make the Universe your BFF!

Many people feel lonely when they’re by themselves, but the universe is always there backing us up and trying to help us out even when we think things are going “wrong”, actually things are always working out for our highest good.

So tap into that.

When we have a fun and loving relationship with the universe it responds with the same love you give out.  Don’t wait for a sign from the universe, tell the universe what you want and expect it to happen, because baby you are the universe 😉

So you see, you don’t have to be a workaholic, a devout religious follower or a manifesting wizard to create what you want, all you have to do is focus on what you want, feel good as much as possible and become besties with the universe!

Even the laziest person can do that 😉

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Laurie-Anne King