Manifesting More Than One Thing at a Time

Do you want to manifest the life of your dreams, but you’re not sure how many desires to focus on at once?

The Universe is vast… I say, ask for all of the things your heart desires!  What actually has a bigger influence on what we get, is not how much we ask for, but our capacity to receive.  

So share your dreams with the universe and ask for what you want, and then focus on actually increasing your capacity to receive to allow those things to come to you.

However, there is one exception to this…

Sometimes it is better to focus on one goal at a time. This way it can come into your life much faster than if you’re trying to manifest six different desires at a time and you’re spreading your energy too thin.

This video will help you clarify whether you should focus on one big project you’re working on, or whether you should focus your attention on manifesting multiple desires at once.  

I’ll cover:

  • Learning the exception to the rule
  • Clarifying whether your biggest project needs more focus
  • Clarifying whether you should focus on manifesting multiple desires at once

Either way, you’re still going to manifest everything you desire, it’s just a matter of prioritizing.  So get ready to get clear and manifest everything you want this year!

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Laurie-Anne King