Do you feel like you’re ready for love, but it’s just not happening the way you hoped?  

Or are you in a relationship that you want out of, but you’re scared you’ll never find someone else? Do you want to share your life with the man or woman of your dreams?

You’ll be happy to know that manifesting love doesn’t have to be a stressful, arduous process. It’s much easier than you think.

You don’t have to scroll through endless tinder profiles or plough through dozens of awkward, boring dates with people you instinctively know aren’t “quite right” just because you’re lonely.  

If you want to get out of that singles rut and into the magical space where you’ll find that dream love, here are some tips for manifesting love that actually work:

1) Trust your intuition

Go where you feel called to go. Even if it doesn’t make sense or other people don’t understand it - always trust your intuition.

Our intuition is so powerful if we tune into it, it will guide us to take action toward what we desire.  

How do you tune into your intuition, you ask? Easy, it’s that quiet voice that says “go to that event”, “enroll in that class”, and in my case, “take that ski trip”…

I’ll tell you a little story about how I met my husband.  

One winter, I felt this really strong urge to book a ski trip… when I don’t ski!  Not only didn’t I ski, but I had to miss bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister to go on the trip (yeah… I’m still making up for that one) and the plane ticket was really expensive!  

….But I trusted my intuition and went anyway!  And on that trip is where I met my husband! Going on the ski trip was the single biggest decision I ever made!

I truly can’t imagine what my life would look like now if I had decided to just stay home instead.

2) Focus on being the person you’ll be when you are with your beloved  

When you’re in a relationship do you mope around feeling lonely and sorry for yourself at events?  No! You breeze through social events with confidence and finesse. When we’re in a relationship more people are attracted to us because we give off that confident, self-loving energy.  

What if you had that energy while you were single?

How do you get that energy?  One way is - don’t wait to be in a relationship to do things… go do them now!

If you’ve seen the film Eat Love Pray you’ll remember that Elizabeth Gilbert made a point to do nice things for herself, things that she did when she was in a relationship, like wearing nice lingerie and going on trips.

And not only did she learn to enjoy her time alone, but she had some truly delicious adventures that lead her to finding love.

So, date yourself, wine and dine yourself, make yourself feel sexy, loved and special.

Focus on living life and feeling the way you’ll feel when you’re with your partner and you will organically attract a partner in alignment with that.

For example: If you want to attract someone who is fit and healthy, but you spend a lot of time on the couch or eating take out, if you’re a bit slack with your own health and well being, then get off the couch, ditch the fast food and focus on becoming fit and healthy yourself!

If you want to attract someone who’s kind and altruistic, go sign up for that volunteer job, work in a soup kitchen for a day, join a Trash Free Seas group, make sure you’re being kind and altruistic in your own life and you’ll have a better chance of attracting a person who’s vibrating at the same level.

3) Go meet people

You can’t expect to find love while you’re sitting in your sweats eating ice cream on the couch.

Go and be out in the world.  Do things that you love. Join clubs, attend events, go to the gym, sign up for that comedy class, participate in exercise classes!  

There are so many options these days to find people with common interests.  There are meet up groups for practically every interest anyone ever had (and if you don’t find any - create one!).  The world is your oyster! In fact, I’m pretty sure there is a club for Oyster lovers too!

4) Liberate your sexual energy

Make a practice of being in touch with your sexual energy and allowing that to fuel you.
When we have a healthy flow of sexual energy, we become radiant and when we combine that with genuine happiness, we become positively magnetic.

So join a dance class, read erotic literature, do things that turn you on. When you hear people say things like “Wow, you look great, you’re glowing!”, you know you’re on the right track!

To manifest our love we must first be the love we’re trying to manifest.  We must BE the person we are wanting to attract in order to attract them in the first place.

The best way to liberate your sexual energy is to have a daily practise that gets those juices flowing.

If you want to learn more advanced manifesting techniques, check out my free Orgasmic Manifesting Webinar that will show you the secrets to using your sexual energy to attract what you want in your life.

Laurie-Anne King