How To Get In Touch With Your Sexual Energy

Getting in touch with our sexual energy helps us to become manifesting machines, so it’s important to learn practices to keep our connection to our sexual energy and not cut ourselves off. 

You may be surprised to know that not all practices involve sexual activity.  Some do, but a lot of them don’t, so whether you feel excited or nervous to tap into this energy, you can find an exercise that you can start with.

Here are 5 powerful exercises you can do to start to generate a healthy flow of sexual energy:

Okay, so the first one is a little bit obvious…

  1. Get sexual

Whether this is a sexual act with a partner or performing your own self-pleasure, engage your physical body to get the sexual energy moving.

As you engage your sexual energy, don’t rush to climax “or finish the deed” allow yourself to luxuriate in the sexual energy and see if you can use your breath to move it to different parts of your body or to fill your entire body.

  1. Practice self-love exercises

This can be as simple as mirror work (looking at yourself in the mirror daily and saying “I love you!”), being kind to yourself, hugging yourself more!  Self-love is an integral part of connecting with our sexual energy. The more love and light we bring to ourselves, the more this love radiates out to attract more of what we want.

  1. Play more!

As adults, there’s pressure to “behave” in public.  Society tells us that being silly is not acceptable when it’s so much fun! Just think of some young children you know - they are constantly playing, imagining and creating.  

Play allows us to connect with our inner child, our true spirit and this energy is linked to our sexual energy and is super powerful for manifesting.  So get set for more playtime in your life!

  1. Create!  

What creative activities do you enjoy?  Go to an art gallery, paint a picture, sketch, dance, sing, write a poem, cooking, journaling, concocting a unique smoothy, any form of creation can stimulate our sexual energy, as long as we enjoy the process.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to try and make it good, don’t let your inner critic come and take over, just do it for the fun of it!  Do it for pleasure.

  1. Get support

If you feel like you have sexual blocks that haven’t been addressed, confide in a trusted therapist or coach to help you work through any shame or sexual trauma that you may have.  It is tragically common in our culture.

Getting reconnected to your own sexual energy is so important. It will improve your health, your confidence, your life satisfaction and your ability to manifest.  If you want more support in exploring this, you can check out my free Orgasmic Manifesting Webinar by clicking here. I go deep into how to use the power of sexual energy to create and you’ll even learn a bit about the Extended Orgasm Practice I teach.

Laurie-Anne King