Get Energy Rich

Do you know what energy state you’re living in?

Understanding energy states will radically change the way you see the world, your problems and what to do about them.

There are 3 different energy states we can live in, and learning to live in an energy-rich state is CRITICAL to being able to live the life of your dreams.

These stages are: energy-rich, energy-neutral and energy poor. I’ll tell you a little about each state, and why shifting into an energy-rich state is the key to living abundant life.

Think about each of these energy states in terms of how much energy you have available.

Energy Poor

An energy poor state is where you do not have enough energy to sustain your current life. There is not enough energy to maintain status Quo and there is definitely not enough energy to meet life’s changes or challenges.

As a result, your life will start to shrink until it matches the level of energy you have available for it. You’ll lose your job, end a relationship, or get evicted.

Energy Neutral

In energy neutral you have just enough energy to maintain your current life, so not much changes. Most people are living energy neutral lives.

Our culture has programmed us to live in energy neutral, and it is quite addictive. It is all about maintaining the status quo and prioritizing our comfort.

Now being in energy neutral doesn’t mean that you don’t try to change things about your life, a lot of self help junkies like myself are always “working on” an area of their life they are trying to change.

But if you’ve been “working on it” for a while and nothing has really transformed, that is a clear sign that you are living in an energy neutral state. And to transform you’re going to have to change your energy level.

Energy Rich

In energy rich, you have more than enough energy to meet the demands of your life.

You have an abundance of energy and as a result, you naturally become a contribution to those around you, without even trying. You’re deeply resourced so you can support others too.

You’ll also take on challenges or positive stressors to help you grow.

An energy-rich life is when you are fuelled and filled with so much more energy than life requires that you easily meet its challenges, and live in such a state of abundance that you become a source of energy and service that others around you are able to draw on.

So what state of energy are you in most of the time? Be really honest with yourself, because once you know the answer you can start to do something about it.

Here is why understanding your energy state is SO important:

EVERYTHING in your life only exists at a certain level of energy.

Every thought, every problem, every action, it exists as a function of the energy state you’re in. In an energy poor state? You will have poor thoughts.
What most people do is go to work on fixing or changing something at their current energy state.

I’m going to tell you something radical… Stop “working on” your problems.

“I’m working on it” is really code for “I don’t actually expect it to change, but I am putting in effort so I feel okay about myself”. Don’t worry, I’ve said it too.

It’s just that the solution you seek doesn’t exist at your current level of energy. It’s like Einstein said:

“The same thinking that created the problem, can’t solve the problem.”

If you want better thoughts, simply raise your energy level.  Just focus on getting yourself more energy rich. When you get energy rich enough, anything in your life can transform because the system has enough energy to effortlessly reorganize itself.

It’s like Ice doesn’t have to work to become water, it just needs to get enough energy into it’s system (in the form of heat) and voila, it reorganizes into water.

There are lots of ways to get yourself into a more energy rich state. Go do something you love, seek inspiration, go out in nature. Just start to pay attention to activities that energize you and do more of them and do less of the activities that make you feel neutral or poor.  

A rapid way to change your energy state is to receive Energy healing. Energy healing helps to align and balance your energetic systems with your physical body and clear blocks that are weighing you down.   

If you practise energy healing regularly, you will train your system to live in an energy-rich state and this is when you will begin to see effortless dramatic shifts, not just in how you feel, but in the quality of your life.

I’ve also created “The Abundant Life,” an online program to help people anywhere and at any stage of life participate in energy healing and live in an energy-rich state. You can also learn more about my program, The Abundant Life, and join for just $1 by clicking here.


Laurie-Anne King