Laurie-Anne King

Laurie-Anne King is a top Relationship Coach dedicated to helping women claim their authentic power and have extraordinary romantic relationships.

How To Manifest Love

Do you feel like you’re ready for love, but it’s just not happening the way you hoped?   Or are you in a relationship that you want out of, but you’re scared you’ll never find someone else? Do you want to share your life with the man or woman of your dreams? You’ll be happy […]

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How To Ask For What You Want In Your Relationship

Do you know how to successfully ask for what you want in a relationship? It’s a great time to check in on the pulse of your relationship. How are things going? Are your needs being met? Are you meeting the needs of your partner? One of the fastest ways to increase your level of satisfaction […]

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4 Steps to Start Your Year Off Right!

  Whoo! Happy 2018! Is it just me or does 2018 already feel like it’s flying? We are just 2 weeks in, but so far, I am feeling like my feet have barely touched the ground in 2018. So, I am a little late to the “New year? New You. Fresh start!” kind of thing… […]

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How to Protect Your Energy During the Holidays

    Here in the US holiday season is fast approaching! As I am getting ready to pack up and fly to Canada to spend Christmas with my family, and as excited as I am… there is a little part of me that doesn’t feel… well totally excited. Here’s the truth: When I visit home […]

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4 Ways to Prioritize Your Pleasure

In today’s podcast episode, you will learn my top 4 strategies for prioritizing your pleasure. I believe the pleasure is our birthright. I also believe that, as women, our capacity to pleasure is directly correlated to our power. The more pleasure we are able to feel and the more often we are able to feel […]

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