Laurie-Anne King

Laurie-Anne King is a top Relationship Coach dedicated to helping women claim their authentic power and have extraordinary romantic relationships.

Self Care 101

Self-Care 101 Everybody and their sisters are talking about the importance of self-care right now. But what does self-care mean to you, and why is it so important? When I first learned about self-care, I thought it only referred to treating yourself to luxuries like massages and bubble baths. Now I realize that self-care refers […]

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Manifesting More Than One Thing at a Time

Manifesting More Than One Thing at a Time Do you want to manifest the life of your dreams, but you’re not sure how many desires to focus on at once? The Universe is vast… I say, ask for all of the things your heart desires!  What actually has a bigger influence on what we get, […]

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From Setback To Springboard

From Setback To Springboard From time to time, we all experience setbacks… But what if I told you that something can only be a setback if we call it a setback? In fact, most setbacks are events set in motion by the Universe to show us our path. What if I told you-you could use […]

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5 Manifesting Myths

5 Manifesting Myths Are you learning how to manifest, but finding yourself confused?  There is a lot of advice out there, and honestly… not all of it is great, in fact, some of it can be misleading.    That’s why I am going to bust 5 Manifesting Myths! Let’s cut straight to the truth so […]

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Why Affirmations Don’t Work (and what to do instead)

Why Affirmations Don’t Work (and what to do instead) Are you tired of your negative thinking holding you back from living the life you desire?  Have you tried affirmations, but they haven’t worked the way you hoped? If you’re ready to shift from negative thinking into positive thinking, then get ready to learn about the […]

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