Why Affirmations Don’t Work (and what to do instead)

Are you tired of your negative thinking holding you back from living the life you desire?  Have you tried affirmations, but they haven’t worked the way you hoped?

If you’re ready to shift from negative thinking into positive thinking, then get ready to learn about the power of questions, questions versus affirmations and how to ask better questions to help you dramatically improve the quality of your life.

I’m going to introduce you to The Better Questions Technique which uses the secret ingredient that positive affirmations is missing.

Let’s start with the basics: What is a question? Ha!… a question about a question 😉

Any question is an expression of inquiry that calls for a reply.  Simple… but here is the power of questions - they cause energy to move.  

Think about it.  

If I asked you what time it is right now, you would look at your watch, find the time and answer me, that’s the movement of energy.  

Questions are so powerful because they cause energy to move.

Now what about questions versus affirmations?

Perhaps you’ve heard that positive affirmations (saying positive statements that you want to be true about yourself) can change your life.  And I think they have some value, but in my experience asking better questions tends to be a lot more effective than saying affirmations.

So why don’t affirmations work?

The thing about affirmations is that they only work when we already believe something to be true, then you can affirm it, but if you don’t already think something is true it’s impossible to affirm it, it’s not already there. 

So when we have a belief gap between what we already believe and what we want to be true, then there’s that gap that affirmations don’t cover.  And you can’t affirm your way across the gap, but you can ask yourself questions that call the energy to seek evidence or answers, to bridge the gap.

So when you ask a question in your mind, it automatically begins to search for answers both consciously and subconsciously.  

The quality of the question that you’re asking is really important. When you ask better questions you get better results.

This is basically what my entire coaching practice is founded on.  Clients hire me because I ask them questions that they haven’t been asking themselves.  I don’t have answers for them, I don’t know what they should do, but I do know better questions and then they get better answers and they get more clarity.

You can also ask better questions to feel better.  

Try this…

Notice how you feel as I ask you these questions:

What’s wrong with you?

Why don’t people like you?

And now notice how you feel as I ask you these questions:

Why do so many people love you?

Why are you so blessed?

Feel into your body and notice which feels better.

Better questions cause you to feel better.

So now I’m going to give you some tips on asking better questions that both make you feel better, but also improve your ability to manifest what you want.

And to do that we are going to leverage something that is called 
the embedded presupposition factor.  This is something that advertisers use all the time.  It basically tricks your brain into already assuming something is true.  

It’s like a way of sneaking past that level of skepticism in your brain and if it already assumes something is true then it can get you to a new conclusion.  

So to leverage this presupposition factor, you’re going to frame questions you ask yourself in the why.

If you’re asking yourself why something is true then you’ve already pre-supposed that it is true.  And then you’re going to actually use the question to presuppose that something that you want to be true, is already true.

Let me give you some examples:

Why does money come so easily to me?

Why does my income always exceed my expectations?

Now some of these things really are true in my life and some of them are things that I want to be true. Or they are starting to come true.

So I don’t necessarily believe them so much that I can affirm them, but asking in this way kind of sneaks past our brain’s B.S. detector and actually sends our brain out there looking for evidence that these things are true, it’s looking for the answers to these questions.

It’s not even important to find the answers to the questions, you can if you want, and that could be a good exercise, but we’re really tapping into the power of your subconscious mind here.  

Allow your subconscious mind to do the work for you.

When you’re asking these questions you’re starting to engage the reticular activating system in your brain. This is the part of your brain that filters all the information your brain gets in a day, all the different stimulus, it filters it to what’s important, and what’s not important.

So as you start to ask yourself these kinds of better questions, your reticular activating system is going to start actually looking for the answers in your environment and you are going to pick up more and more things that are aligned with what you want to be manifesting.  

Happy manifesting!

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Laurie-Anne King