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Laurie-Anne King is a top Relationship Coach dedicated to helping women claim their authentic power and have extraordinary romantic relationships. Laurie-Anne has been studying what it takes to have extraordinary, lasting love for the past five years.

With her deep understanding of inherent masculine and feminine dynamics, Laurie-Anne brings a unique and highly effective perspective to romantic relationships. She is an expert in male and female communication styles, conflict resolution, and habit development. Laurie-Anne has studied with some of the top personal development experts in the world and brings together a diverse background of experiences to create a structured approach to improving women's inner confidence and romantic lives.

Laurie-Anne is the author of the forthcoming book 7 Steps to Epic Love and leads the San Francisco Sisterhood, a sacred community for women in California.

Laurie-Anne also leads corporate training to empower women at work and improve workplace relations between genders. She has lead trainings at top tech firms including Google.