5 Manifesting Myths

Are you learning how to manifest, but finding yourself confused?  There is a lot of advice out there, and honestly… not all of it is great, in fact, some of it can be misleading.   

That’s why I am going to bust 5 Manifesting Myths!

Let’s cut straight to the truth so you can start manifesting the life of your dreams!

1) MYTH: You can never feel bad or you’ll attract more bad things.

TRUTH: What you resist persists.  You have to let the energy of emotions move so you can clear them, and then upgrade your quality of thinking.

Our emotions aren’t the enemy, they are our best friend, they’re our guide.  As long as the majority of your focus is on what you want and you clear any negative emotions and resistance that comes up when you do feel bad, it will allow your emotions to realign with what you want and you will attract it.  You can use a limiting belief clearing exercise to move through this resistance. Some examples are tapping, movement and meditation. I’ve found the fastest, most effective exercise is with the 10F process, which I teach in my course Orgasmic Manifesting.

2) MYTH:  You can just sit on your couch and wish for what you want.

TRUTH: Manifesting is a co-creation. It is a collaboration between us and the universe - you’ve got to do your part. It is about BEING the person who has what you’re wishing for.

Look, I can binge watch Netflix with the best of them. And while it sounds fun to sloth on the couch and throw popcorn at the TV while expecting your manifestations to appear in front of you like a genie - it doesn’t exactly work like that. Manifesting is all about being the energy of what you want to attract. So if you spend all of your time in couch potato energy… you’re going to attract more potatoes.

For example, let’s say you want to manifest your dream job.  A person with couch potato energy usually isn’t in alignment with the energy of someone who creates the job of their dreams.  

Someone who has the job of their dreams is likely to bounce out of bed eager to start the day and get started on the work that makes them come alive!  They’re likely to take care of themselves so that they have enough energy for their dream job and feel excited and inspired more than lazy and sloth-y.  

So what could you do that makes you feel inspired?  Do more of that and you’ll move closer to BEING the person who has what you desire!

3) MYTH:  You won’t need to take action (or it shouldn’t feel scary).

TRUTH: You’ve got to Step up! The universe can open the doors, but you’ve got to have the courage to walk through them.

Taking action on what you really want can be scary as H-E- double hockey sticks!  Like walking through a haunted house! When you’re in a haunted house, you know that you’re not REALLY in danger, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling on edge, scared or anxious!

A lot of the actions we need to take to really transform our life feel like being in a haunted house. You’re not physically in danger, but it can still be terrifying.

As we take action toward creating the life of our dreams, often this is when all our limiting beliefs and fears surface and want to sabotage us… but honestly, sometimes that is a sign that we are on the right track.

Fierce faith and belief in ourselves, and a determination to move through whatever comes up for us is how we walk through this fear and create the life of our dreams.   

4) MYTH: That if you don’t get what you asked for it is because you did it wrong or because manifesting doesn’t work.

TRUTH:  The Universe has its own divine timing that we often can’t understand until we are looking backward. That’s why it’s called Co-Creating!  Sometimes the most difficult moments of our life or our biggest disappointments end up being our greatest gifts & blessings.

There are so many examples of this!

Do you know the actress Lisa Kudrow? Maybe you’d recognize her as Pheobe on the Sitcom Friends?  Well, Lisa was fired from her job on the TV show Fraiser.

She was understandably devastated at the time, but she didn’t give up and the next role she was offered was a role in the one of the most popular television series of all time.  She talks about how getting fired was a blessing in disguise.

When we give up because we think that manifesting doesn’t work or that the universe is against us, we lose the momentum that we’re creating toward what we want.  

If something doesn’t work out the way we hoped, it’s not because we’re a loser who doesn’t deserve it, it’s because the universe has something better ahead for us, maybe even better than what we could have possibly imagined… but only if we keep going!

So if you see more for your life than being a couch potato, if you want to look back on your life and say, wow, I really lived a magical life!  If you want to keep moving through your resistance and toward the life of your dreams…

Happy manifesting!

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Laurie-Anne King