Do you want to be that woman who walks into a room and every head turns?  Do you want to feel so confident and sexy that you know you could have anything you want?

If you feel like you’re not living up to your full sexy potential, all you need are a few simple tools to make that a problem of the past.

The first thing you need to know is that Sexy Confidence is an inside job. It isn’t about how you look. Some of the most aesthetically very beautiful people can be very insecure.   

When we can feel good from the inside it radiates out and we shine so bright people can’t help but be drawn to us.

Here are 4 things you can do to develop sexy confidence:

  1. Brag!

The biggest confidence eater tends to be our own inner critic.  When we beat ourselves up with negative self-talk we dim our light and dull our sexiness.  So many of us have been conditioned to be “humble” or at worst to actually talk ourselves down.  Tall poppy syndrome is alive and real!

For those who aren’t familiar with that term, Tall poppy syndrome is the theory that when someone is successful (they grow tall above the other flowers) that they should be cut down.  

But this is wrong for so many reasons, the idea that there’s even hierarchy or the idea that one person can be better than another because of their achievements or confidence is simply not true.  

Real confidence isn’t about thinking you’re better than others, it’s about feeling good and not comparing yourself to other people.  And part of feeling good about ourselves is celebrating or bragging about the things that make us happy.

When we brag we light ourselves up, we focus all our energy on the positive things in our lives and we multiply our sexy electricity tenfold!  Now, this might feel awkward at first, especially if you’ve got a loud inner critic. But Just try it. Brag to yourself.

Make a list of 10 things that you did great this week! They can be big things or little things like flossing your teeth. Start focusing on all of the things you are doing WELL and your confidence will start to rise.

  1. Laugh at yourself - this is a really important and fun one!

True confidence is an ability to be okay with making mistakes, to laugh at ourselves.

Laughter alone is incredibly therapeutic.  It releases dopamine and other chemicals in the brain that actually make us feel happier.  And aren’t happy people sexier?

Not only that, but another bonus is that these chemicals that release, also have positive effects on our cells and can contribute to more youthful looking skin!  So ditch the botox and have a chuckle instead!

When we laugh at ourselves, when we don’t take ourselves too seriously we are lighter and we feel freer.   We breeze through life with the warm wind blowing up our skirt like Marilyn Monroe.   

That sounds pretty sexy, doesn’t it?

So laugh hard at yourself and you’ll turn up your sexy dial full ball.

  1. Get in touch with your sexual energy every day

There are so many ways you can do this, try out as many different activities as you can and see which ones feel best for you.  

You can get in touch with your sexual energy through dance, self-pleasure, reading erotic literature, massage, writing erotic literature, painting, cooking, exercising, yoga, pilates, really anything that gets you into your body and makes you feel turned on.  

  1. Do more of what makes you feel good  

The more energized we are, the more confident we naturally are.  And when we’re glowing with confidence we’re a magnet for everything we desire.

What makes you feel good?  It can be really simple things like taking a bath or a long hot shower, calling an old friend, going for a walk, reading a book, watching the sunset or sunrise.

Or more elaborate activities like roller skating, booking yourself in for a massage or a whole day spa experience, going parasailing, the sky is literally the limit!  

I actually keep a list of things that make me feel good that I refer to daily and try to make sure I do, at the bare minimum, one of these activities daily or as many as I possibly can!

So brag, laugh, feel your sexual energy, and do what makes you feel good.  Enjoy your life and have more fun! And you’ll be oozing sexy confidence in no time 😉

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Laurie-Anne King