Whoo! Happy 2018!

Is it just me or does 2018 already feel like it’s flying? We are just 2 weeks in, but so far, I am feeling like my feet have barely touched the ground in 2018.

So, I am a little late to the “New year? New You. Fresh start!" kind of thing… but I really do love the opportunity to pause, to reflect and to reset at the start of a new year.

I have found the more intentional I am at the beginning of the year, the better it tends to go.
So, I’m not going to let this opportunity pass me by, even if I’m a little late to the party!

You too? Do it with me! Watch this video to follow my 4 step process for starting a new year off right! 

Getting the clarity right up front of “what is important to me” and “what am I going to focus on” acts as a guiding light for me to use as the year unfolds.

A lot of people don’t have success with the goals they set on New Year’s because they are creating on top of what didn’t work the year before.

You need to take time to honor and complete the year that has passed. Only then can you create from a fresh space.

So if you want to clear out the energy of 2017 and create newly…

Watch this video to learn my 4 Step Process for Starting Your Year Off Right.

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Laurie-Anne King